Paranging to Keulen

Keulen Christmas Markets

Every year, the festively decorated “Cathedral City” invites visitors to take a Christmas stroll through Cologne during the holiday season.

Large, lavishly decorated Christmas markets shine in the city centre. Each market is devoted to a different theme and is well worth a visit. Arts and crafts from all over Europe, high-quality goods, culinary delights and captivating entertainment programmes for young and old will make you look forward to Christmas with even greater anticipation.

Originally, what became known as Advent or Christmas Markets were month-long markets that sold toys, nuts, and sweets. Cologne was relatively late on the scene, with the first in the city being the Nicolaimarkt in 1820 in the old town. Sixty-five years later, the mass of stands and the rowdiness of the market had grown too much for the authorities, and the market was banned.

The current markets on the Neumarkt and the Alter Markt were founded in the 1970s, with the cathedral market opening in the 1990s and most of the other smaller markets since the turn of the century.



Come with us on a day trip to Cologne (Keulen) In Germany, for a true Parang Christmas Party with food and drinks served on the way. Do your Christmas shopping, visit 4 well known Christmas Markets and make some unforgettable memories on the way!

▬▬▬▬▬ BUS INFO ▬▬▬▬▬

The buses depart from the following cities:

* Rotterdam

* Den Haag


Saturday, December 10th



Kids (Ages 4 to 11):                                                €50.00 per person

Kids (Ages 4 to 11) + Christmas Market Express: €62.00per person

Regular:                                                                 €55.00 per person

Regular + Christmas Market Express:                   €67.00 per person

PAYMENT DEADLINE: 7 December 2022

=== Your package includes === 

* A fun surprise gift

* Christmas Breakfast

* Mini Christmas Basket

* Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

* Music during your trip

* Return Bus seat

* Information Flyer

* Tour Assistance

Additional option: 

You can take a tour with a Christmas Train in Keulen. The Christmas Market Express. This train is a Hop-on Hop-off roundtrip that brings you to all 4 Christmas Markets. Departures are every 15 min. All this for an additional €12.00 (Included in the Regular + Christmas Express ticket)

  • Outdoor event
  • We recommend comfortable walking shoes and warm winter clothing.




Departure time: 7:00 (morning)


Departure Time : 7:30 (morning)

Return Departure time: 18:00 (afternoon)


1. All purchases will be non-refundable
2. We will email you your booking and boarding information 48 hours before your journey.
3. We confirm the reservations in the order in which the payments are received.
4. If you relinquish your seat to another person, it is your responsibility to provide that person's name, surname, number, email and city they will be boarding. If these are not correct, the person will be denied the journey.
5. If you are not present at departure time, the bus will leave without you.
6. We do not sell one-way bus seats.
7. Your own drinks are allowed, but we are not responsible if you are too intoxicated to enter a location.
8. Please travel with the right identification documents.
9. We recommend everyone to have a travelling insurance.

10. The organisation is not responsible for any items lost during the trip

11. Please follow all instructions of the organisation and your hosts

12. When travelling with Children, the parents or caretakers of the child are always responsible for them. We are not responsible for the supervision or care of children under the age of 18.